Think your writing has the right combination of relatable experience and chaos to write a good satire article? We’d love to see what you have to offer.

Some guidelines before you set off to write:

Cultural stereotypes. It’s ok to poke fun at culture clash between Orthodoxy’s various groups — converts and Old Country folks, or new converts and long-termers, but remember, we’re poking fun, but we’re also having fun. Keep it lighthearted, poke fun at a foible, but don’t condemn a group.

Identification. People in stories need to be completely fictional. We’re not here to roast individuals. But if you need to reference a famous Orthodox author to make a point, that’s ok.

Reacting to the daily news. The market already has enough daily satire. Same goes for culture war stuff — probably not going to run it.

Pictures. If you can make a cartoon or chart that’s funny, I’d love to run that. But memes — just a pic with a clever sentence on top — that’s not our specialty.

Poking fun at Old Calendarists / stuffy Russians. Maybe, but first you need to read this book to make sure the joke hasn’t already been told by someone else. Believe me, that vein of humor’s been really well-used in the past.

A priest shouting IS OUTRAGE. Sorry, I don’t have the rights to that character. But maybe I could get the Intrepid Editor to allow him to come for an authorized visit.