Priest’s social media become war after mild political joke

It started when Fr. Andrei posted, “I don’t understand why Trump is so paranoid when people criticize his legitimacy. If he and Pence would just go out to dinner, then he’d have a real government mandate.”

After posting one joke on his social media account and turning off the computer to go to bed, Fr. Andrei Fremantle’s page suddenly became a war zone.

Charles Chainsaw, a parishioner at the Church of All Saints of Southern North Dakota, disapproved heavily of the joke, commenting that he expected priests to be apolitical unless they agree with him. He then followed up the post with several memes denouncing the fake news media.

Parish progressive Wendy Winsome immediately responded with numerous links to sites intended to “educate” Chainsaw, who replied with more, harsher memes. Several other parishioners attempted to defuse the conflict by posting pictures of kittens playing with balls of string. Another suggested a compromise that all could agree that the original pun was terrible and they should all go to bed.

But the war zone continued getting worse until Winsome accused Chainsaw of promoting racism, sexism and botulism and Chainsaw responding by saying that if she called him alt-right again, he’d ctrl-alt-delete her. By the next morning when Fr. Andrei woke up, the original post had collected 94 comments, and assigned both combatants a penance of going to bed by 10 p.m. each night for the next week.