Bonus post for #bloginstead

Welcome #bloginstead readers! There’s this lovely on-line festival going on right now for Orthodox bloggers started by Melinda Johnson over at, the idea of which is to communicate with people over blogs instead of social media. Melinda has made a list of 30 or so blogs and is encouraging us to reach out to one another. So hi there world! It’s the Daily Podvig, a humor and satire site. The articles on this site don’t refer to real events, but are rather pretend news articles that I hope could make you laugh, including topics such as parenting in church, dating in church, running out of sermon ideas and the dangers of making one political comment on-line and then going to bed while your friends go nuts in a comments war.

Now this is still a humor blog, so I need a couple of jokes. Ok, here’s one: If the guy you’re dating is roasting marshmallows over the candlestand, it might not work out.

Or, another half-developed idea that I have: 12-year-old shocked to learn closing eyes during prayers isn’t more pious: Mom just does it while blessing food to avoid thinking about missing utensils.

So maybe those aren’t real laugh riots, but I promise I’ll get to something better soon.

–Thomas Eric Ruthford, editor

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