About The Daily Podvig

This is a fictional publication producing humorous and satirical stories about Orthodox Christians and their foibles and behaviors. Most of the names of people in the stories are pseudonyms.

The editor of The Daily Podvig is me, Thomas Eric Ruthford. I have a background as a newspaper reporter, having worked for several daily newspapers in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Indianapolis Star. More currently, I’m also a blogger and speaker who works on the issue of premature babies and their treatment. Here’s a link to my posts on handtohold.org. (The events and people in those posts are real.)

I converted to Orthodoxy in 2001 from an unaffiliated background and immediately flew away to Ukraine to serve in the Peace Corps. (I would not recommend doing things in this order.) I previously written Orthodox humor as an occasional contributor to theoniondome.com, a separate Orthodox humor web site that has since stopped publishing. I’ve also published one Orthodox humor book, Heaven Help the Single Christian.

I’m not a member of the clergy or a tonsured reader, but I have served on parish councils and one All-American Council planning committee in the past. This site is not affiliated with any diocese or other official Orthodox organization, but it may occasionally poke fun at them.

Also, to explain the name, podvig, it’s an untranslatable Russian word that means “spiritual struggle,” or “task,” a thing that makes you go “ugh” upon first hearing of the task, which then presents the additional task of changing your attitude to struggle with joy. I hope reading this site isn’t a horrid podvig for you. But, if you happened upon this site looking for the actual definition of podvig, here’s a link.